Book Group

We are reading Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh. The first discussion will be on Sunday, March 3 after worship. A limited number of books will be available upon request (see Jeanette for details). Otherwise, check out copies for sale online. Check out the study guide by Diana Beardsley.

Living the Quaker Way

We recently read Living the Quaker Way by Philip Gulley. We had a lot of fruitful discussion about the chapters. If you are interested in learning more about Quakers then this might be a good place for you to start.

Peace Suppers

We gather quarterly for a meal with a presenter sharing about a specific regarding Peace and Social Concerns. Past Peace Supper topics have included a project to help with the potato famine in Bolivia, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and getting water to people who need it.

About Us

Check out our About Us page to learn more about our church.

Other Quakers

  • Friends World Committee for Consultation
    “Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), represents Quakers around the world. Known today for its peaceful principles, the Quaker community circles the globe, spanning a rich diversity of regional cultures, beliefs and styles of worship. FWCC exists to bring fellowship to all Quakers around the world and speak on behalf of Quakers in international spaces such as the United Nations.”
  • Friends General Conference
    “Founded in 1900, Friends General Conference is an association of local and regional Quaker organizations primarily in the United States and Canada. FGC is a volunteer led association…What was once an association of seven yearly meetings holding a biennial “general conference” is now a coalition of sixteen yearly meetings and twelve directly affiliated monthly meetings.”
  • Friends United Meeting
    “The Friends United Meeting community stretches far and wide across the globe. We are a collection of Christ-centered Quakers, embracing thirty-seven Yearly Meetings and Associations, thousands of local gatherings and hundreds of thousands of individuals. Joined together through our shared experience of God and united in common ministries, we form a beloved fellowship that is powerfully at work in our local areas and through cross-cultural service.”
  • QuakerSpeak
    A project of Friends Journal, in association with Friends General ConferenceQuaker Voluntary Service and Quaker Finder that covers various topics related to Quakers with new videos released every other week